The Israel Ballroom Dancing Fund (IBDF) is working to develop and expand competitive ballroom dancing in Israel. This is done by raising the professional level of local dancers and helping teachers advance, through the provision of professional training that meets international standards.

To realize this vision, the Fund mentors talented young dancers aged 12-18 and grants them financial support to facilitate their training. Excelling dancers receive professional guidance from top Israeli and international coaches, who impart knowledge and values, empower the dancers and spur them on to excellence.

This unique opportunity to train at an excellent level, together with other outstanding dancers from around the country and to study under the instruction of international experts produces a training environment that promotes excellence and achieves significant results.

We at IBDF believe that nurturing the next generation of dancers and building a supporting professional infrastructure will generate meaningful changes in the local dance sport scene, and will enable outstanding dancers to represent Israel with distinction at international championships.

To meet these goals, the Fund is working in several areas:
  • Building a national team of outstanding Israeli dance couples (aged 12-18).
  • Providing scholarships for dancers on the national team.
  • Building enrichment programs for dance teachers.
  • Creating an annual program for ballroom dance sport events in Israel.

IBDF is a nonprofit organization. Our work is made possible thanks to the generosity of donors, who appreciate ballroom dancing as a unique combination of sport, art, aesthetics, and achievement and ethical values.

The Fund’s varied activities are accessible to dancers affiliated indiscriminately with all studios, organizations and federations.
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