Program Structure

The Israel Ballroom Dancing Fund (IBDF) has a unique multistage scholarship program, constructed to help outstanding young dancers realize their full potential.

The program is aimed at dancers aged 12-18 from studios and organizations all over the country. Scholarships cover: • Training seminars delivered by top dance sport coaches from both Israel and abroad; • Development of personal training programs for the dancers; • Travels abroad for professional enrichment. In addition to supporting dancers on the national team, IBDF sponsors training and guidance to local dance sport teachers so that they, too, can advance their professional development.

To qualify for an IBDF scholarship, the dancers must go through an audition, held once a year, at which they are evaluated by local and international experts. The dancers are chosen for their skill, talent, and level of commitment in accordance with the judges’ recommendations.

Dancers who pass the audition join the IBDF team. Members of the team benefit from a high-level training environment that provides them with more than just knowledge: it instills values, encourages excellence and provides them with tools for personal growth.

The scholarships, which total tens of thousands of shekels for each dance couple, are designated for professional training and financial support. These funds come from the generous contributions of people who believe in the Fund’s vision and who wish to develop the field of competitive ballroom dancing.

IBDF's scholarships enable the dancers to participate in the following training programs:
  1. The First stage: Dancers who pass the IBDF audition are accepted to a series of annual workshops given by top international experts, which include training in Standard (also referred to as European dances: Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, and Foxtrot) and Latin dances (Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, PasoDoble, and Jive) and choreographic skills. The dancers also participate in a supportive and enriching program of classes by leading local instructors in areas such as ballet, nutrition, and psychology. 
  2. The Second stage: Those on the team who are identified as particularly excellent receive private lessons from local and international experts as part of a personal development program, drawn up especially for each dance couple. 
  3. The Third stage: Dance couples who pass the second stage and achieve a level of performance compatible with international standards receive support in funding to travel abroad for further professional training. The scholarship program enables participants to train together with the country’s top dancers and obtain professional knowledge from leading coaches in Israel and abroad. The dancers are also mentored by specialists in nutrition, psychology, music, theater and physical training, all of whom are experts in the lifestyle requirements of professional dancers and athletes.
The encounters with world-class international dance trainers, who are brought to Israel at IBDF expense, allow the dancers to develop professional relationships with them, helping strengthen their confidence and status when they travel to international competitions and meet up with them again.

The local coaches’ exposure to these international experts also improves the level of ballroom dancing in Israel. These teachers learn from the masters, and then pass on this knowledge to their students all over the country, making this information widely accessible.

The program makes an enormous contribution to the overall development of dance sport in Israel.
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